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Mobile phlebotomy, or mobile blood draw is when the phlebotomist comes to your home or office to draw blood for your lab work.

Often someone will choose a mobile phlebotomist because they prefer the convenience of skipping a lab visit, waiting in line, and risking being late for their next event. A mobile blood draw can be scheduled at time that is convenient and the phlebotomist will perform the blood work, which usually takes no more than 30 minutes. Other times having blood drawn in the comfort of home reduces stress and anxiety, especially for children.

To schedule a mobile phlebotomist for a blood draw, an individual can either have the doctor who is ordering the blood work send over a copy of the order and then the individual can book directly with the mobile phlebotomy service, or the individual can get a copy or the order from the doctor and send it over themselves before scheduling an appointment.

Not every lab test needs to be ordered by a doctor. An individual can opt to get their own blood tests in hopes of being in touch with their health status. In this case, using a service like Ulta Lab Tests will allow an individual to order their own tests, visit the lab of their choice, or book the blood draw with a mobile phlebotomist. The results can then be viewed online with Ulta Lab Tests.

If you are in need of a mobile phlebotomist in the Phoenix area, or surrounding East Valley, give us a call: 480-395-3972

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