PediaLabs is a contracted mobile phlebotomy service that comes to your home to collect samples.  I know you’re thinking, “in layman’s terms, please”.  Simply put, we draw blood samples from people in the comfort of their home or office.

If your physician contracts us we can draw your blood in their office, also.

Our major goal is to provide our patients with convenience that you, the patients, have control over.  For those patients who are hard to draw, this is a “godsend” because you now have control over who will be drawing you and you have confidence in their ability to get your blood.

For our pediatric patients (our jewels), we work to make the process as easy as possible while making it as pain free as possible with a dash of imagination.

We haven’t forgotten about our patients who require a little more attention such as autistic, bedridden, pregnant, or elderly.  As imaginative phlebotomists, we feel more than capable to almost any situation.  We’re 65% human and 35% vampire so there are a few limitations but we are willing to give you our best shot and assess the situation with care.

We know that each draw is different but we hope to achieve our samples through one stick so that you’re not completely traumatized by the procedure.  So, the next time you go to the doctor and you hear those dreaded words (“I need you to get bloodwork.“), consider calling PediaLabs.  We’re the vampires with convenience in their bite!

pediatric blood draw

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