Phlebotomy Practice Kit

SticKit: Venipuncture & Phlebotomy Practice Training Kit

Practice training kit for those looking to perfect venipuncture technique or maintain current skill level. Gain confidence when performing blood draws or intravenous sticks by practicing with this kit. Perfect for phlebotomists, medical assistants, nurses, doctors, or anyone that will be performing phlebotomy in a medical capacity.

Each kit comes with:

  • Vein board with realistic feeling skin
  • 4 palpatable veins to practice feeling for and sticking
  • Assortment of supplies to practice phlebotomy
  • Tubes to practice the order of draw

Disclaimer: Content assortment may vary. Tubes may be expired and are not intended for patient sampling or testing. The devices provided are only intended for training purposes by trained professionals or individuals under the supervision of a trained professional.

SticKit Phlebotomy Kit


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