The experience of getting bloodwork can be stressful for many people. Taking a few simple steps before and during a blood draw may make you feel more comfortable.

1. Start hydrating at least 24 to 48 hours in advance.

For little ones under the age of 1, we recommend continued feeding for hydration. If water has been introduced, we suggest that water is pushed in these situations as an alternative to juices or sugary beverages.

For patients older than 1, we recommend water as a primary source of hydration but alternatives such as gatorade, pedialyte, or any other electrolyte packed beverages work.

2. Find a nice calm place to get your labs done.

In comparison to a traditional lab environment, you can choose where you’d like to be drawn. We have patients that want to get drawn by the pool, in their bedroom, and from within your car. You can literally be drawn anywhere!

3. Provide a distraction.

Blood draws are stressful when people fixate on them. In order to get your mind off of them or your child’s mind off of them, have a distraction available. It can be singing a song they like, watching their favorite TV show, or just an interaction with a 3rd party during the draw.

4. For kiddos, have a reward available.

Have something that your child can look forward to after the draw. It can be additional time watching TV or playing a game, a trip to the park, or a small treat such as a lollipop. Any of these rewards gives the child something to look forward to but it doesn’t mean you have to go out to spend money on a gift, it can be anything of value to your child.

Items we suggest for prepping for blood draws.

  1. Yoga mats
  2. Breastfeeding pillow for the little ones
  3. Arnica gel
  4. Fidget toys (like pop its, textured sensory toys, squeezable balls, fidget spinners, noise sensory toys)
  5. Electrolyte drinks or mixes

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