As you may already know, PediaLabs is a mobile lab service. It is available to anyone who needs lab work. During the earlier stages of my career, I noticed that my selected population had the worst experiences when getting their blood drawn due to the wait times or having to be stuck multiple times. As a phlebotomist there were times I would see children and some adults who were hard sticks come in to get their blood drawn but they were so afraid of needles that they would start shaking at the mere sight of a needle. I wanted to do something to make this better for them because no one wants to feel afraid.

I started brainstorming of ways to make this better and it started out by helping my fellow phlebotomists who were either afraid to draw these patients or overzealous in their vein selection. I would give them tips to help make each encounter better so that they would not miss or help alleviate the anxiety of the situation. This turned out well because we ended up reducing repeat sticks among these patients but I wanted to do more to help due to my passion to work with people especially children.

My passion to help children led me to create a solution that would make it easier on parents and children. My solution for all of this was creating a service that comes to your home to have the lab work drawn. This means that you get a qualified phlebotomist dispatched to your home to draw your blood. The best part about this is that you and your child are more at ease due to being in you comfort zone. The ability to be drawn on the couch, in the bed, or while you watch your favorite TV show without the stress of getting to an appointment.

mom, dad and baby - pediatric mobile phlebotomy

It is our pleasure to serve you and your family and we want to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible during the procedure.

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